Alleppey Fish Curry Mix

1.To make any fish curry, start by choosing the fish which is very fresh. Fresh fish will have bulging eyes and pink or red gills. The smell will not be fishy and the flesh should be moist.
2.Wash the fish very well under running water to get rid of any kind of impurity.
3.You can apply a mix of gram flour and salt all over the fish and leave it aside for 10 minutes. Then wash the fish well and remove the flour. It helps to clean the fish nicely and get rid of any foul smell.
4.Fish requires very less marination. So if marinating the fish, do not do it for more than an hour. It is good enough for flavours to soak in the flesh.
5.While cooking the fish, do not over cook it. It will make the flesh chewy.
6.Ad the fish pieces in the curry once the curry is ready and comes to a boil. Then cook for 10-12 minutes and switch off the heat.
7.Some fish curries tastes the best next day as the flavours get matured over time. So keep this point in mind while making the curries.